Customer Buzz on Blake from Mercer County, PA
May 30, 2013

Gail Moon from Mercer County, PA wrote in to Donna Parker, Director of Client Services with her compliments to Harris ERP Sr.Application Support Specialist, Blake Robertson:

“You know, we are so often rushed by the “do more with less” mentality and “whew that’s off the list”.  While we are so grateful for those that help us check those stressors off the list, we often do not take the time to mention it “up the line.” I want to tell you how helpful and skilled Blake Robertson is! Over the 7 years (can you believe it!) that we have been growing with Harris, Blake has been an anchor support for us. He has “pitched in” with every module we use…I find him to be calming, patient and resourceful! When I hear Blake’s voice, I know it is going to work out; it might take some time but it will be progressing until concluded! Thanks for having and keeping skilled staff available to your customers.”

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