GEMS Product News
June 27, 2013

Administration of GEMS Systems

Many clients have experienced reductions in their IT staff and / or the loss of the people who have administered the GEMS systems for many years.  As a result we have seen that at some sites key administration duties are not being done.  Are your GEMS systems being backed up properly?  Are GEMS service packs being installed?  Are patches for the operating system and database being applied regularly?  Are the disk drives being maintained (cleaned up, defragged, monitored for errors, etc.)?   If these things are not being done please contact Carol Oberlohr to explore options for training your technical staff or taking advantage of our RTS (Remote Technical Services) program were we perform some or all of the

GEMS Attendance Enterprise Interface (What else can it do?)

The GEMS Attendance Enterprise Interface was designed to export data from the GEMS HRMS database as a .csv file, which is imported into the Attendance Enterprise (AE) database.  The two main exports / imports are for basic employee data and leave balances.  We have also leveraged the interface to export data from HRMS for importing into non-AE time &attendance systems.  We’re currently working with a customer to use the interface to export position assignment information for importing into another time & attendance system.  Do you need to export data from HRMS on a regular basis?  If you already license the interface you can create a mapping file to export the desired data.  If you don’t have the interface, or if you need assistance building a mapping file, please contact Carol Oberlohr to discuss pricing.

Release Update for GEMS Financial Management System FMS69

Harris ERP is pleased to announce the June 2013 Release Update for GEMS Financial Management System: FMS69 for IC 3210 and FMS691 for IC 3280. Please download the appropriate version of FMS69 for your IC patch from eSupport.

  • Select Downloads, Downloads.
  • Select GEMS Financial Management System as the “Product.”
  • Click the Next button.
  • Select Release Updates FMS69 as the “Category.”
  • Click the Show Downloads button.
  • Find the row marking the appropriate release update for your system: FMS69 Development Release Update June 2013 or FMS69 Runtime Release Update June 2013.
  • Click the MORE… hyperlink.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD NOW hyperlink.