Innoprise User Conference Feedback
August 20, 2013

We had another successful Innoprise User Conference earlier this summer and would like to say thank you and share with you some of the feedback we received.

First time attendee Rich Anderson from the City of Logan, UT said, “I really thought the conference was great. This is definitely something we will make a priority to attend each year. Thank you!”

Sheri Cliff from the City of Brighton, CO, who attended both this year and last, commented: “Great conference. I support all systems of our Innoprise Suite, so I wish I could attend all sessions. Presenters were knowledgeable and able to answer most questions. Looking forward to next year!”

Our session evaluation asked “What was of the most value to you from this session?” and here’s what attendees had to say:

  • Bryce is an excellent Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Understanding how selectors can be used in daily work and how it can be conveyed to my user departments.
  • Knowing that the product is evolving; knowing that Harris and the developers encourage feedback on product design and capabilities.
  • The dialogue between other users and with Bryce regarding the technical aspects of Innoprise and other modules was the most valuable tome in the Technical Round Table.
  • Getting a heads up on where Harris is going and knowing the product (Innoprise) has a clear future.
  • The roadmap was helpful for planning. (*Get the latest Innoprise roadmap on eSupport)
  • Meeting people with the same issues and solutions during Peer Connections was beneficial.
  • Knowing that Attendance Enterprise will integrate with other applications and therefore increase accountability.
  • Getting first hand knowledge of the back end of Attendance Enterprise; Jeremy was very knowledgeable.
  • Knowing how valuable the new Work Order/Fleet module can be for my user departments.
  • Laura was a great presenter. Looking forward to working with her!
  • The open forum of the round table sessions was good so we could ask questions from the technical side.
  • Some great ideas came from the participants during the open forum to discuss lessons learned during implementations.
  • You can tell Gordon is very excited about Sales Tax Self Service.
  • Gordon Veale and Michael Coughlin did a good job as always, by presenting the current and future functionality and how to make it a more friendly application, etc.
  • Dave’s Problem Solving session allowed us to look at the challenges that we have in a different light and remember to “help,” not “impede,” the process.
  • Tammy’s presentation of the ComDev e-Plan Check provided a better understanding of future implementation from the perspective of internal processes and applications.

Thank you again to all who helped make this year’s conference a success!