Free Online Innoprise Presentations for GEMS Customers
January 29, 2014

Interested in Learning More About Innoprise?

Since starting our early adopter GEMS to Innoprise migration program in 2012, we’ve had several successful go-lives, many customers join the program, and others about to. Some of you have told us that you are happy with GEMS and are sticking with it, and we are okay with that! Others of you may still be in the research phase, exploring how Innoprise works. That’s why we’re offering a series of free online Innoprise presentations this February – designed with you in mind!

GEMS customers will have two chances each Tuesday in February* to attend a one-hour overview of the Innoprise Suite, starting at either 10amCT or 3pmCT. To register, simply email Tina
Please include the course date and time you are registering for in the Subject line.
  • Tuesday, February 4:10-11amCT and 3-4pmCT
  • Tuesday, February 11:10-11amCT and 3-4pmCT
  • Tuesday, February 18:10-11amCT and 3-4pmCT
  • Tuesday, February 25:10-11amCT and 3-4pmCT

Top 5 Advantages of Innoprise

5 - Current Technology: Innoprise is built with current, Web-based technology, and the software can run on any type of platform or Browser.
4 - No Third Party Licensing: Innoprise offers a site license with no third party costs. All applications are owned by and under the control of Harris ERP.
3 - Low Risk: In choosing the Innoprise application you will benefit in data conversion, as we will be converting from one Harris ERP application to another. Because we own both applications this lets you keep your current GEMS applications up and running with no additional recurring maintenance costs and without converting nor losing the many years of history you have.
2 - Software for Life: Under Harris’ Software for Life policy, migrating from one Harris product (like GEMS) to a more current Harris product (like Innoprise) means your license fees for the GEMS applications you are currently paying maintenance for go down to zero.
1 - Support Staff: All of our GEMS support staff have learned or are learning Innoprise, so you can continue to communicate with the staff you have known for and have depended on for years.

*Please note each presentation is the same; they are repeated for your convenience. View our Online Training Calendar