Customer Buzz on Harris ERP Support
May 23, 2014

Ed Vandehey & Vivian Penaredondo from the City of Pacifica, CA wrote in to Donna Parker, Director of Client Services, with compliments to her team:

“I want to forward on a big “THANK YOU!” to your support team today. In processing our GEMS payroll this week we had prematurely updated the payroll prior to the interface files to Financial being generated. Donna Wortman and Thomas Bednarski were called in to “save us from ourselves” and between the two of them were able to restore our database from a backup to a pre-update status. Donna and Tom were kind, professional and calming to us as we all worked to the get the database restored. We very much appreciate all they’ve done for us today and value their knowledge of the system, databases and applications.

“Would you please tell them “thank you” for us? Appreciate it (and them) so very much.”

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