Limited Time Unisys Offer for GEMS EOM Customers
July 7, 2014

GEMS customers who use Enterprise Output Manager (EOM) and are current on their EOM maintenance (MA)and subscription (SSU) can upgrade to newer versions of EOM at no additional cost.  However, customers who are not current on EOM MA and SSU have to relicense EOM at a cost of $ 5,500 or more when they want to upgrade.  If you are looking to upgrade to AB Suite in the near future, and you use EOM, a current version of EOM is required.  Even if you intend to stay on the Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) version of GEMS you may want to get current on EOM MA and SSU in order to get EOM updates in the future.

For a limited time Unisys is offering Harris ERP customers the opportunity to get current on EOM MA and SSU at a reduce cost, thus avoiding a relicense cost in the future.  If youwant to get current, or if you’re not sure about the status of EOM MA and SSUat your site, please contact Tina.  This special offer is good until July 30, 2014.