2014 Innoprise User Conference: Everything You Need to Know
July 10, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that 53 customers from 18 different organizations plus 10 Harris ERP staff members and four sponsors will be attending! Thanks to all who registered – it’s going to be a GREAT event filled with learning and fun!

Be sure to download this “Everything You Need to Know” packet before you begin your travels. It includes information regarding directions and parking; an updated agenda with room assignments and session descriptions, etc.

We would like to thank our sponsors,  DivDat Harris Payment Gateway,  Invoice Cloud and Quatred, as well as our host, the City of Black Hawk, for making this conference possible.

Please take note of our special Sponsor presentations:

Thursday, July 17 - Session 5: 3:15pm-4pm; Cliffside A    

Sponsor Presentation by Invoice Cloud - Best Practices in Electronic Billing and Paperless Payments

Invoice Cloud will demonstrate a “best practice” Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) platform to help Innoprise users achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, self-service, collections and paperless billing.      

Thursday, July 17 - Session 5: 4pm-4:45pm; Cliffside A

Sponsor Presentation by DivDat - Self-Service Bill Payment

Nearly 23% of all households in the US are under or unbanked today. Together with your cash preferred customers, this group requires a means for making payments in person. DivDat will discuss the benefits of a self-service bill payment kiosk program to promote greater customer satisfaction and convenience, reduce wait times at your payment center, and achieve cost savings over traditional cashiering methods. 

Friday, July 18 - Session 6: 8:30am-9:15am; Elevation    

Sponsor Presentation by Harris Payment Gateway - Credit Card Processing via CCR and Citizen Access

Barry “Marmaduke” Anderson discusses the Harris Payment Gateway integration with Innoprise CCR and Citizen Access modules for real-time processing of credit/debit card payments.  Methods to increase user adoption rates and the credit/debit card lifecycle will also be discussed.    

Friday, July 18 - Session 6: 9:15am-10am; Elevation    

Sponsor Presentation by Quatred - Mobile Computing

There are many innovations in Mobile Computing that are being exploited in extending core business applications to mobile. This session will examine how mobility enables municipalities to streamline tasks such as inventory control, fixed assets tracking, building inspections, code enforcement, package tracking, fleet management, etc. The latest trends in mobile computing such as GPS, imaging, Point of Sales, RFID and barcoding will be discussed along with the reasons why Mobile Computing delivers one of the highest ROIs in the industry! Also, the first two mobile extensions of the Innoprise Suite will be reviewed (Inventory Control and Fixed Asset Physical Inventory).

Thank you and see you soon!

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