Harris ERP Releases GEMS Financials version 7.0
March 4, 2015

The version release for GEMS FMS7.0 and GEMS FMS 7.0.1 are now availble for IC 3210 and IC 3280, respectively. Currently we are in the process of testing the instructions for installing FMS70A for AB Suite. Once the instructions are ready we will inform the AB Suite customers and they can download the release. AB Suite customers can review the Version Release Document for FMS70 (located on eSupport; access instructions below) to familiarize themselves with the enhancements.


Included in the GEMS FMS 7.0 release are the following enhancements, grouped by module:

Accounts Payable

  • Combine multiple vendor master records created for the same vendor.
  • Process unclaimed checks to state (APVOIDEDIT).
  • Address number field added to check files (APCHK).

Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts
  • Create installment contracts and invoices (ARCON, CRINS).
  • Length of check number on cash receipt screens has been expanded to 15 characters.

Fixed Assets
  • Revive retired assets and increase life of assets in service (IMPR1).

General Ledger
  • New screen to close multiple batches (BTCLS).
  • New screens to display history by project and grant (GLHP1, GLHG1).
  • Allow entry of over budget journal entries; new screen to approve over budget journal entries (GLBAP).
  • Display available budget on over budget approval screens.
  • Log all changes done to budget records.

Project/Work Order/Fleet
  • Added project, task, grant, work order and work codes to the Multiple Accounts Screen (ACTEN) and Distribution Detail Screen (APALL)
  • Added a valid date range to the Work Order Control Screens (EQUTR, LABOR, LABTR, MATTR, and MISTR) to be used when work order transactions are entered without account numbers.

  • Email notification for purchase order change orders.
  • Enhanced audit trail report to print audit trail for PO change orders (APVAUDTRL)

Multiple Modules
  • New grid screens to enter vendor addresses (VADDL) sequence files (GLSEL) and budgets (GLBUL).
  • Restrict display of area codes in list boxes; link area codes to user profile (PRARI).

Access the Release

To ensure your installation is successful, it is critical you follow all instructions in the instruction manual and any release update documents.

Log on to the Harris eSupport Site.

From the top menu:
  • Select Downloads -> Downloads.
  • Select GEMS Financial Management System from the Product family dropdown list box.
  • Click the Next >> button.
  • Select FMS70 or FMS701 Release from the Category dropdown list box.
  • Click the Show Downloads button.
  • Find the row marking the FMS70 or FMS701  Release.
  • Click the MORE… hyperlink.
  • Click the release notes Hyperlink to view the release notes for FMS70 or FMS701.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD NOW hyperlink to download FMS70 or FMS701.

View Release Enhancements via Free Online Training Webinars

Blake Robertson is conducting two free online Webinar sessions on the new GEMS FMS 7.0 release during the month of March; they will be held on the following dates:
  • Tuesday,. March 10 at 10 am to 11:30 amCT
  • Wednesday, March 11 at 2:30 pm to 4 pmCT
To register, email Blake and include the date you want to attend in the subject line.