Building the Intelligent Enterprise – Session 1
March 9, 2015
Building the Intelligent Enterprise – Session 1
Friday, March 13th
1:30-2:30pm Central
Bryce Harward and other members of the Research & Development team provide an overview of exciting additions and enhancements that will be developed for the Innoprise Suite in the next 12 months…

Learn how we are investing in our products to bring you exciting new features such as:
  • Mobile Apps, so you can stay productive from wherever you are
  • Better GIS Integration, allowing users to create, view, and work with your Innoprise data from a map view
  • Integration with Social Media, to facilitate communication with your constituents
  • And more!
Each session will conclude with a Q&A segment, and will be held quarterly to share our progress. Sessions will be held via WebEx and are FREE to attend! Register Now