Customer Buzz on HCTC15
November 4, 2015

Our feedback survey on the 2015 Harris Customer Training Conference in Atlanta remains open through Friday, November 6; take a look at some of the comments that have already come in:

We've already received several great comments about the 2015 Harris Customer Training Conference in Atlanta:
"Just wanted to let you all know I’ve been going to conferences for almost 30 years and this is one of the best!  You all did an awesome job in keeping us posted with what was going on- loved the app – as well as keeping us all engaged with info that was on target. And the rooms weren’t freezing! Great job!" --Sandy Corder, City of Flagstaff, AZ

"Tammy, I saw you a couple times during the conference, but didn’t take the opportunity to tell you how much useful information I received, and what a great conference it was.  I’m hoping that someone from utilities can go every year! Thanks!"  --Patty Czarny, City of Billings, MT

"Thanks for your efforts at the HCTC 2015 conference. It was an educational experience and helped me know how to better use the software. If you have clients with questions/concerns about CIS or CA, please don't hesitate to send them my way." --Tyson Griffin, City of Logan, UT