ACA Comply Right Software Training for GEMS & Innoprise Users
January 6, 2016
This month, Laura Mathis is offering free online training sessions to assist you with the process of importing your Form 1095 data from your GEMS or Innoprise HR/Payroll application into the Comply Right ACA software. Course times and dates are listed below; you have three chances to attend via the Web:
  • Thursday, January 7, 10:30am – 11:30am CT (Meeting # 639955315)
  • Thursday, January 7, 3pm – 4pm CT (Meeting # 639301294)
  • Friday, January 8, 12pm – 1pm CT (Meeting # 639592623)
There are two ways to register:
  • Click Register

*Please note the only fields required to register include Name, Email and Company (Organization).
  • Go to
  • Navigate to the Meeting Center
  • Select Browse Meetings
  • Select the Register button next to the ACA Software Training meeting you want to attend.

You should receive a notification from WebEx with the meeting information, conference number and password.

If you have any problems with your registration, please email Laura.