Customer Buzz on Donna Wortman
May 4, 2016
Recently, Jamie Chism, Director of Human Resources for the City of Winfield, KS wrote in with compliments to Client Services team member Donna Wortman on the GEMS training she provided:

“I just wanted to take the time to express to you how impressed I was by the quality of the training we received here at the City of Winfield last week. Our instructor, Donna Wortman was very prepared, knowledgeable and supportive. After years of using this system we were finally able to walk away from this one week training feeling as though we had direction and confidence in our abilities to utilize the system the way it was intended.

“My purpose for writing this is to let you know that you have a great asset in Donna and your support staff. They have been extremely helpful in our problem solving and execution of strategy. Far too frequently those in charge only hear from their customers when they are upset of dissatisfied with a product or person. I would like to take this opportunity to express to you how thankful and SATISFIED we were with the professionalism, dependability and adaptability Donna demonstrated while providing us great customer service.”

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