Harris ERP Offers New, Remote Training Sessions for GEMS & Innoprise Users at a Discounted Rate
August 16, 2016

New: Discounted GEMS & Innoprise Training via the Web

Get up to speed from the convenience of your desk! Starting in September, Harris ERP is offering GEMS &  Innoprise Training Classes on the Web. All sessions are two hours long to ensure time for questions. All sessions are listed in Central time. The cost is $500 per session, and there is no limit to how many people from a single organization can attend at once. A schedule of courses, dates, and times is provided below as well as in our Online Training Center, along with registration links. For questions or comments, please contact Carol Oberlohr. Please note that any of these sessions may be cancelled if there are not enough participants.

Innoprise Finance - Instructor: Robert D.

Innoprise Finance Department Security
Department Security for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices
November 21, 1pm CT - Register
December 12, 1pm CT - Register

Innoprise - Creating Finance Workflow Definitions
December 2, 12pm CT - Register
December 16, 12pm CT - Register

Innoprise Finance - Instructor: Jackie N.

Innoprise Purchasing
The purchasing process from requisitions to issuing the purchase orders, include obtaining quotes and blanket purchase orders. Vendor Inquiry and selector reports as well.
September 20, 2pm CT - Register
October 11, 9am CT - Register

Innoprise Accounts Payable

The Payable process from the purchase order to processing the payment. Included will be direct pays, invoices, manual payments, EFT and manual checks. Vendor Invoice inquiry and selector reports as well.
September 22, 9am CT - Register
October 11, 1pm CT - Register

Innnoprise Inventory

Inventory process from entering and receiving parts, issuing stock requisitions, reorders, backorders, and physical inventory. General Ledger implications, reports and inquiry.
September 29, 9am CT - Register
October 13, 1pm CT - Register

Innoprise Fixed Assets

Assets including depreciation, merging assets, partial and full disposal of assets. General Ledger implications, selector reports and inquiry.
September 26, 2pm CT - Register
October 13, 9am CT - Register

Innoprise - Adding Projects and Grants

September 20, 9am CT - Register
October 4, 1pm CT  - Register

Innoprise Finance, Reporting, Technical
Instructor: Richard P.

Innoprise - Designing Ad-Hoc Reports
Review the configuration and design of ad-hoc reports. 
November 2, 10am CT - Register
November 3, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise - Creating and Managing Budgets

This session will review creating a budget, importing from a budget worksheet, and managing budgets from year to year.
November 9, 10am CT - Register
November 10, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise - Selecting Entity Options
Will review the more common configurations and options used by clients.
November 16, 10am CT - Register
November 17, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise - Advanced Security Settings

Will review roles and role groups and account level security.
November 30, 10am CT - Register
December 1, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise Payroll - Instructor: Dan B.

Innoprise Payroll - New Enhancements v2.16
September 21, 1pm CT - Register
October 19, 1pm CT - Register

Innoprise Payroll Reporting

How to use ad-hoc reporting “check item reports” and standard reports
September 22, 1pm CT - Register
October 20, 1pm CT - Register

Innoprise Payroll – Retro Pay and Mass Rate Increases
September 23, 1pm CT – Register
October 21, 1pm CT – Register

Innoprise Community Development - Instructor: Cathy L.

Innoprise ComDev - Common Configuration
Codes, Accounts, System Control,Permit/Project/License/Case Control, Online Control, Email Addresses/Groups/Content, Outlook Integration Control
October 10, 10am CT - Register
November 8, 12pm CT - Register

Innoprise ComDev - Module Configuration – Permits

October 5, 10am CT - Register
November 8, 2:30pm CT - Register

Innoprise ComDev - Module Configuration – Planning & Zoning Projects

October 6, 10am CT – Register
November 9, 12pm CT – Register

Innoprise ComDev - Module Configuration – Licenses

October 11, 10am CT – Register
November 9, 2:30pm CT – Register

Innoprise ComDev - Review and Inspection Management

Using Inspections and Workflow functions, re-adding and re-scheduling, using attachments
October 12, 10am CT – Register
November 11, 12pm CT – Register

Innoprise ComDev - Reports

Canned/Standard Reports
Selectors -  using simple and advanced filters

October 13, 10am CT – Register
November 11, 2:30pm CT – Register

Innoprise ComDev - Application refresher training

Navigation, favorites, column formatting etc. as well as adding/editing records
September 29, 10am CT – Register
November 15, 12pm CT – Register

Innoprise ComDev - Workflow for Planning & Zoning Projects – Prompts and Step Groups

System tasks, manual tasks, meeting management
October 18, 10am CT – Register
November 15, 2:30pm CT – Register

Innoprise Utility Billing/CIS - Instructor: Donna S.

Innoprise CIS - How to Troubleshoot Billing Issues
  • Understanding the billing exception codes
  • Creating Advance Finds to assist with finding problems
  • What happens when you leave accounts in error log after posting the billing batch
  • What is the difference of a Suspended account versus an Account Deleted from the batch and how they need to be handled
  • Not enough reads and how to troubleshoot the Meter Reading screen
  • What can be fixed manually by the user versus updating with a Service Order
September 20, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise CIS - Customers & Accounts
  • Various ways to verify Customers and account information
    • Are you utilizing all the search tools?
    • Do you understand the information on the Landlord screen?
    • Do you know the difference in using Secondary Customer versus using the Override Account name?
    • Have you used the Category code and how are you using it?
    • Are you using the Collection Engine or Payment Arrangements screens and functionality?
October 24, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise CIS - Troubleshooting & Helpful Hints
  • Troubleshooting and helpful hints are the tools even experienced users can sometimes overlook or forget. 
    • Have you used all the dropdown functionality for Account screens
    • Are you aware of the functionality on the Account Select screen
    • How often do you use the Payment screen
    • Have you used the Fee Transaction screen to troubleshoot
    • How often do you use the Transaction screen for NSF Checks or to Transfer a Balance?
    • Do you use the Deposit screen to apply or modify Deposits?
    • Are you using the Extract functionality to troubleshoot issues or create reports for yourself?
November 8, 2pm CT - Register

Innoprise Tax - Instructor: Chris E.

Innoprise Tax -Using Citizen Access for Sales Tax Module
September 16, 11am CT - Register
October 21, 11am CT - Register

Innoprise Tax -
Best Practices in Sales Tax

October 14, 11am CT - Register
November 4, 11am CT - Register

Innoprise Technical - Instructor: Brent G.

Innoprise Technical Training - Managing your System
December 6, 10am CT - Register

GEMS Technical Classes - Instructor: Brent G.

GEMS - Managing Your System (Server Maintenance)
December 6, 10am CT - Register

GEMS -Using SQL Server Profiler
December 7, 10am CT - Register

GEMS -New Release/Upgrade process for EAE and/or AB suite
December 8, 1pm CT - Register

GEMS -SQL Server Intro
Jobs and backups/restore process and point-in-time recovery
December 13, 10am CT - Register

Jobs and backups/restore process and point-in-time recovery
December 14, 1pm CT - Register

GEMS -Gemstone Administration
December 15, 10am CT - Register