Innoprise Suite is a Win-Win for City and Auditors
April 18, 2017

Lyman Hamblin, CPA of Hamblin and Associates, LLC, the external auditing firm for the City of Brighton, CO, provided a short testament to the auditing process within Innoprise:
“We are the independent auditing firm for a Colorado municipality who uses Harris ERP’s Innoprise Suite. During the audit engagement, the City gave us view-only access to their ERP system.

“We were quickly able to learn how to navigate the system, and how to pull reports and attachments. This access has greatly streamlined our audit work and has minimized the effort for the City while we conduct audit procedures. We are able to pull our samples, view the transaction, and drag the supporting documentation directly into our audit workpaper files.

“City staff doesn’t have to pull and make copies of supporting documentation and we don’t have to scan them into our electronic audit software system. It is a win-win situation.”