Durango, CO Goes Live with Innoprise Permitting
September 13, 2017
This month, the City of Durango, CO went live on Permitting functionality within Innoprise Community Development

Dan Armentano, Permit Technician within the Community Development Department of Durango had this to say about the implementation process: 

"Our implementation seemed like it was particularly cumbersome at times due to the complexity of our previous software, and as a result the process took well over a year. There was naturally some apprehension approaching the Go-Live, but our consultant worked really hard for us through the weekend and our nerves were unwarranted. The transition on Monday morning went incredibly smoothly and any issues that arose were quickly resolved. We’re excited about the flexibility and convenience that our new permitting software will provide for our staff and public, and are looking forward to adding more features in the near future. Thanks again to your whole team."