Harris ERP Announcements: Release of Innoprise HR/Payroll v2.22.0
December 18, 2017

Release of Innoprise HR/Payroll v2.22.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of Innoprise HR/Payroll V2.22.0. Notes regarding this release and prior releases are available on TeamSupport. To check the version you are on, please access the About page, as shown below.


If you only need W2 functionality and you are currently on Innnoprise Payroll v2.20, you do not need to upgrade to v2.22. If, however, you are on a release version that came out prior to Payroll 2.20, you WILL need to upgrade to AT LEAST 2.20 in order to receive W2 functionality. If you would like to upgrade, please submit a ticket with TeamSupport and specifically mention if you want to upgrade to version 2.20 or 2.22.

Below is a brief summary of the enhancements provided in this release.

Portal Enhancements

  • Directly submit assignment status change, base rates, additional rates, alternate rates, assignment accruals and assignment transfers from Portal to Payroll
  • Timesheet line item comments now flow from Portal to Payroll

Integration & Imports

  • Implemented Payroll & Work Management integration
  • Added accrual transaction history import
  • Added base rate historical import

New Functionality

You can now…
  • Perform grants functionality in Payroll
  • Upload and print employee images, and add attributes for ID card
  • Added incidents, awards, certifications and training screens for employees along with adding attributes for them
  • Upload and print awards
  • Negate inclusions
  • Set attributes for authorizations and assignments
  • Show code descriptions in Selector
  • Set maximum add pays allowed per position
  • Void adjustment checks
  • Add/view cumulative accrual hours based on hours worked
  • Auto payouts for accruals
  • Create caps on mass rate increases by matrix limit
  • Allow adjustments to have non zero gross, net and withholdings

Reporting Enhancements

You can now report on…
  • Temporary positions working more than 20 hours a week.
  • Terminated employees
  • Payroll item details

Security Enhancements

  • Enhanced security roles for all cycle control buttons

To Access 
Step 1 - Log in to TeamSupport

Step 2 - Select Knowledge Base

Step 3 - Locate the product. The most recent releases will be listed at the top.

Step 4 - Click the release title to download the release notes and to watch associated videos.

To contact the Harris ERP Support Team

Log a ticket via TeamSupport. For phone support, please dial 1.866.450.6696.