Innoprise Capital Project Planning

Our newest module, included in Innoprise Financials, is our Capital Project Planning Module (CPP).

Phase one of the CPP release offers some helpful pieces to managing the financial aspect of your projects, including:

  • Developed a script to load CPP roles. This will aid in setting proper security abilities and properties. 
  • Added new date fields to Project/Grant input and selector 
  • Added a Project Manager to a Project (available in selector). 
  • Project input with project budget drilldown links 
  • Budget changes to accommodate CPP 
  • Subproject reporting 
  • Roll up options for budget checking 
  • Budgeting - Project/Grant budget detail input 
  • Add budget controls for projects. 
  • New project budget selector. 
  • Ability to transition a project/sub-project/grant/sub-grant to a Fixed Asset in a process known as capitalization. 

Future phases of this module are planned for later this year.