Innoprise Interfaces

You can supplement your Innoprise Suite with a variety of solutions including document management, online payment processing, mobile barcode reading, and/or interactive voice response (IVR).

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Document Management

We’ve integrated Innoprise with a number of document management solutions, starting with our Questys product. A document management solution will save you time and money, and help save the environment.


FileNexus by Loris Technologies




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Electronic Plan Review

ProjectDox by Avolve

Avolve Software is the market leader for ePlan submission, review and tracking solutions. Cities and counties of all sizes work with Avolve Software using the ProjectDox solution to offer a comprehensive system for electronic plan submittal, plan review including workflow, and plan management. ProjectDox is known for its comprehensive capabilities, flexibility, scalability and ease of use. ProjectDox combines state-of-the-art Internet technology and an experienced implementation, training and support team with a world-class solution. ProjectDox interfaces with our Permits module within our Innnoprise Community Development Suite.

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Interactive Voice Response


Since 1992, Selectron Technologies has worked with over 350 clients, implementing its voice, Web, and mobile solutions, developing a comprehensive technical knowledgebase and a thorough understanding of government business rules and processes. Selectron’s focus on government service and operations translates into expertise and understanding of buildings, utilities, courts and the other critical government functions that its solutions help to enhance. 

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Mobile Bar Code Reading

Quatred LLC

Quatred LLC is a systems integrator and solution provider, assisting clients in the implementation of advanced “Touchless Technologies”©.  Quarted is committed to being a leader in deploying these technologies and integrating with applications and business processes that make use of them, across all industries. Quatred represents decades of real-world project experience over hundreds of successful implementations. 

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Online Payment Processing

Constellation Payments

Constellation Payments is a leading gateway and merchant services provider with special expertise in software integration. The company’s partnership with Harris enables users of the Innoprise Software Suite to advance their utility billing and sales tax management processes through a number of software-integrated payment processing solutions. Stop by the Constellation Payments booth to learn more about their latest enhancements including: convenience fee and surcharge options, EMV integrated terminals, and special discounts for Harris clients. Visit or call 888.244.2160 for more information.

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Founded in 1986 as Tele-Works Inc., TWI is a leading provider of electronic billing, payment, and communication services in North America with over 500 customers across the U.S. and Canada. Summation360™ voice, Web, and mobile services have revolutionized the way clients — primarily utility companies — invoice for services, accept payments, communicate with customers, and more. Summation360™ provides agencies with a proven vision and path leading to “paper-free” billing and automated payment handling.

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