Our Solutions

We understand that as municipal employees, you are challenged to find ERP software that is able to meet your requirements both now and in the future. That’s why our native Internet architecture and flexible design provides you with a solution that is configurable, adaptable and easily evolves along with your enterprise needs. We’re the only public sector software solution that is truly limitless. Explore our solutions to find out more!:

Why Choose Us

“When we found out that we had to change our software to allow us to stay up with our state laws that were changing, we wanted to go with a company that had excellent support service. We wanted to go with a software that was proven and performed perfect and was user friendly. We wanted a software that was affordable…There was only one that gave us everything that we were looking for... Innoprise.”

Gary Rice, Application Specialist
Benton County, AR

"The City of Aspen expresses its gratitude to Gordon Veale and Michael Coughlin for a smooth and successful implementation of the Innoprise Tax Application Suite -in only 4 months!!  System configuration could not have been easier and data conversion was completed with no problems.We are pleased with the intuitive user interface and are excited to be operating live on our new and improved system. Thank you again for your hard work on the project!"

Alice Hackney, Controller
City of Aspen, CO