CitySuite Financials

CitySuite Financials provides local government agencies and utilities with a cross-functional enterprise solution for integrating inventory, purchasing, accounting, human resources, payroll, time keeping and budgeting. [...]

CitySuite Financials provides local government agencies and utilities with a cross-functional enterprise solution for integrating inventory, purchasing, accounting, human resources, payroll, time keeping and budgeting. Our easy to use analytical tools in our financial software combine power and flexibility, providing you with accurate information to make informed strategic and operational decisions. The applications are Internet designed and accessed through a Web browser using drop down menus to easily navigate screens. 

Our advanced technology offers an integrated workflow engine to assist in automating business processes, a sophisticated reporting engine for standard and ad-hoc reporting, and integration with Microsoft Office. The benefits are quicker access to information, the ability to easily share information across the enterprise, and one-touch reporting.



  • Financial software tailored to existing business processes
  • Increases productivity across departments
  • Streamlines financial processes


  • User-defined collection engine rules help to streamline receivables within the organization
  • Automates many of the purchasing processes including the requisition approval process
  • Budgets may be checked and rules established based on your processing requirements


  • Simple and complex searches
  • Easy to customize default settings for standard reports
  • Ad-hoc report writer
  • Support for capital asset reporting
    Ability to generate current year activity reports in both summary and detail by function and class (i.e. roll forward report with beginning and ending balances)

Click on a link below or scroll down to find out more about the features, functionality and benefits of our Financial modules:

General Ledger

The CitySuite General Ledger module is a powerful, flexible accounting system that provides an intuitive transaction search, drill down to source detail and one-touch reporting. The General Ledger module includes Project and Grant Accounting. Project Management lets you track a project’s status and spending levels to ensure projects are on time and on budget. Grant Accounting lets you create and record grants and track grant expenditures as well as extract the data for external reporting.

Accounts Payable

The CitySuite Accounts Payable module uses workflow to streamline payment processing and offers several user-controlled options to tailor the system making it extremely adaptable to any environment. Invoicing provides options to be entered immediately, or to schedule due dates. You can generate open item listings by due date, and drilldown to individual invoice details. Scan and attach vendor invoices to the actual transaction record for your team members to conveniently view online.

Accounts Receivable

The CitySuite Accounts Receivable module provides the flexibility to invoice and track receivables for a wide variety of customers and services. User-defined collection engine rules help streamline receivables within the organization. Miscellaneous Accounts Receivables allow utilities to bill consumers for items other than utility services without affecting the customer’s utility billing account.


CitySuite budget processing is user friendly and integrates with the General Ledger once the budget has been locked and adopted. The budget system provides historical perspective and flexibility for keen budget analysis. You can budget by item or create a budget by account number using current and prior year’s actual and budget figures. Budget changes made in one area automatically filter across the others. Another feature is the ability to create multiple ‘what if’ scenarios, and use those results in subsequent budgets. Even novice users can easily extract these to Microsoft Excel or other files, without IT assistance. With Microsoft Office integration, users can create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets directly from the online worksheet and electronically attach files.

Purchasing and Requisitions

The CitySuite Purchasing module manages purchase orders, purchase requests, vendor information and encumbrances. An innovative business rules engine automates many of the purchasing processes including the requisition approval process. End users request items for purchase via requisitions while supervisor approvals are improved with the ability to attach scanned supporting documentation to those requisitions. Based on your organization’s processing requirements, the module can check budgets and apply other user-defined rules to help keep your purchasing department running smoothly. PCard and Credit Card Payments are supported. You can take credit card payments directly through the CitySuite Central Cash Receipts module, or online via CitySuite Citizen Access.

Fixed Assets

The CitySuite Fixed Assets module provides the ability to track and report on all capitalized and non-capitalized fixed assets across the enterprise. You can configure the module to automatically create pending fixed assets from the Accounts Payable process when items meet your specified criteria including an account range and dollar threshold.


Robust and fully integrated with the CitySuite Purchasing and Fixed Assets modules, our Inventory software can be used in centralized and decentralized modes.