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GEMS General Ledger Suite The GEMS General Ledger Suite is an advanced fund accounting software system containing five Financial modules to help you achieve balanced [...]

GEMS General Ledger Suite

The GEMS General Ledger Suite is an advanced fund accounting software system containing five Financial modules to help you achieve balanced accounts and stay in budget.

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Harris ERP recognizes that accounting for public sector monies and planning a public sector budget are difficult, but essential, processes. Our General Ledger Suite makes these processes more convenient by letting you define the fiscal year, as well as work in two fiscal years and several accounting periods at the same time. In addition, you can use the Budget Preparation module to budget for a third fiscal year.

Accounts Payable: Automatic Encumbrance & Expenditure Management

The GEMS Accounts Payable module is a fully integrated, fund-based module. Accounts Payable empowers users to pay vendor invoices, cut checks, and maintain budget control through automatic encumbrance and expenditure management.

The Accounts Payable module provides users with a real-time interface to other GEMS modules to confirm account accuracy and provide real-time budget control through automatic encumbrance and expenditure management. For example, all purchasing information flows through to Accounts Payable to electronically provide a three-way match of the purchase order, receiving document, and invoice. The Accounts Payable module integrates with GEMS General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable/Cash Collection

Cashiers and Accounting departments use the GEMS Accounts Receivable/Cash Collection module to collect and record those payments. Built for flexibility, this module will reduce the time these cashiers spend on handling customer deposits, equal billing requests, and partial billings. Cashiers can accept multiple payment types within a single customer transaction and also transfer balance information, deposits and the like between cash drawer locations. The module also includes powerful reporting options and interactive access to customer accounts. This versatile module is integrated with the GEMS General Ledger.

The Cash Collection portion can be stand-alone or used in conjunction with other business modules. You can even set up “auxiliary” processing areas to handle high volume workloads in temporary or satellite areas using telecommunications.

Budget Preparation: Develop & Manage the Governmental Budgeting Process with Ease

The key administrative task in a public sector organization is to adopt a budget and track expenditures, making sure not to exceed the adopted budget. Interfacing with the GEMS Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Payroll & HR modules, the GEMS Budget Preparation module helps you develop and manage the governmental budgeting process with ease, accuracy and confidence.

The Payroll & HR modules help to prepare a simulated payroll to create the annual budget to interface to the Budget Preparation module.

At the Heart of It: General Ledger & Grant Management

The GEMS General Ledger module is a fully integrated, encumbrance, and fund-based module that conforms to related federal regulations, including GAAFR and GAAP. The heart of the GEMS Financials, this module provides you with a real-time interface to other GEMS modules.

In a public sector organization, the primary sources of income are taxes and grants. Grants can be general in purpose or specified to fund particular projects, such as building a new facility or highway. Many reports are included in the GEMS Grant Management module that help your organization accurately track grant spending, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report, the grant reporting requirements report and many more!

QuickApp Reporting Tools

Have you been searching for a way to craft financial statements effortlessly? Do you need to quickly respond to board member or citizen queries? Does the idea of customizing columns, fonts and layout appeal to you? Do you require a more effective way to present important data? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the GEMS QuickApp reporting tools are for you!

With the QuickReport module, you can build a report, customize its columns and create the layout, putting YOU in control of what data is included and how it displays in your financial reports. QuickReport is fully integrated with GEMS Financials.

QuickView  is a dream come true for accounting managers and other spreadsheet gurus: with just one click, you can export data into Microsoft Excel or Word. QuickView is fully integrated with GEMS Financials and Payroll/HR suites.