CitySuite Community Development

CitySuite Community Development software automates the creation, issuance, and tracking of public sector community development activities in a parcel-based system. Our solution encompasses required end-to-end [...]

CitySuite Community Development software automates the creation, issuance, and tracking of public sector community development activities in a parcel-based system. Our solution encompasses required end-to-end business processes that support city and county planning, zoning, permitting, building plan review, building inspections, licensing, alarm permits, and code enforcement. This gives your organization a significant advantage in reducing maintenance, simplifying changes, and lowering overall total ownership costs.

In addition, our software helps provide your citizens with “self-service” access points via our Citizen Access portal.

“We wanted a fully integrated, Web-based Community Development system…with CitySuite, we can easily deploy the application in the field to our inspectors…and provide online electronic plan review and submittals for our customers as well.”

Jeff Brasel, Principal Planner,
City of Centennial, CO

Features and Benefits

  • Easy access to enterprise information. An intuitive Web page interface, “Live” links to related information and personal screen configurations for every user provides easier access to information – including access in the field – also promotes efficiency and cost savings.
  • Uniformity of service delivery is achieved with pre-configured business process steps and permit application information and requirements.
  • Customer configurable workflow routes requests for review and handling throughout all Community Development modules to provide staff with a proactive tool for managing business processes. When inspections are necessary, the event workflow manager alerts the required department or code compliance inspector that there is a case and what the inspection requires.
  • Mobilize field service personnel. Wireless access provides support for all browser-enabled devices for field staff from any remote device including smart phones, iPads, etc. (WiFi/3G/4G). Field crews can access information, manage inspections, capture comments and attach photos or videos from the field, thus improving efficiency.

Community Development modules include:

  • Code Enforcement – Manages code infractions and generates required inspections and documents as part of the compliance process.
  • Permits & Inspections – Manages all permit processes; such as residential, commercial, over-the-counter, electrical, mechanical, plumbing.
  • Mobile Inspections – Provides inspectors with a way to access community development activities from the field; supported on the most popular mobile platforms.
  • Alarm Permits – Tracks alarm permits and optionally false alarms, for fire and burglar alarms.
  • Licenses – Tracks and issues all types of licenses issued by City or County government; includes ability to generate renewal and license forms, and track renewal history.
  • Planning & Zoning – Streamlines your organization’s development review process; includes managing land use, zoning, and other development planning activities as needed.
  • Citizen Access – Enables read-only and account enabled access for citizens to view or manage their Community Development related activities and applications.

Code Enforcement

CitySuite Code Enforcement lets YOU define code infractions associated with your state’s legal statute description. The system automatically assigns a case number to each code infraction, making it easy for you to track the case until the party comes into compliance. If the party does not come into compliance, send a notice to the Code Board directly from the system: it automatically generates required case documentation and attaches it to the related case, simplifying the process for you and your employees.

The entire process begins by identifying the property and selecting the violation(s) identified by the inspector, concerned citizen, or other party. Your organization configures and defines the violations; you can even include a statute description and recommended resolution. Depending on the configuration, the basis of Code Enforcement is that a code infraction is recorded, a case number is automatically assigned, and the case is then tracked until the party comes into compliance. This tracking can include any of the necessary confirmation inspections, compliance inspections and notifications required. This module can also use the committee feature described below. If an identified property does not come into compliance, notice can be sent to the appropriate Board. The software generates the required case documentation and attaches it to the case.

Because of the integration with MS Word, compliance inspectors can easily notify the owner or current resident of items such as the violation and statute supporting the violation, the corrective action that should be taken, the number of days to be in compliance, and any other pertinent information that needs to be addressed.

Permits & Inspections

The CitySuite Permits solution will allow Cities and Counties to revisit and improve their business processes while still maintaining the basic concept for a permit; that is, to issue permits when there is the possibility that a project could affect the life, safety or economic security of your citizens and allow for the inspection of the work at critical points to assure that the construction meets the appropriate regulations.

The permit process is user-configured at the “permit classification” level. Selecting a permit class drives the necessary events that are required during the initial permit application (calculated fees, applicable reviews, inspections, etc.), through to completion. Permit classes determine the events; so each permit class can have its own associated work flow events. Configuring your own permit classes allows your organization to structure the appropriate flow in order that your end-users do not need to spend extra time determining what “event” should occur next and ensures the correct order and timely completion of events.

Through our workflow event process each of your appropriate review groups will be notified at the correct timeframe. The notification can be distributed through the product via our integrated workflow or through email sent to the person or department assigned the task. Notifications can also be triggered for external parties of the permit, such as contractors, to notify them of scheduled and resulted inspections or completed reviews.

Our permit process also validates the payment of required fees at various stages of the permit process ensuring, for example, a permit is not issued before the appropriate fees have been paid or that a Certificate of Occupancy is issued prior to any inspection penalties being paid.

The permits solution provides the ability to monitor and track permits throughout the approval process in a central location. Use a variety of search methods that are available to view, print, or convert permits to Excel files. You can attach any type of electronic file to permits, permit reviews and permit inspections promoting a single electronic file for all documents related to each permit application.

Mobile Inspections

CitySuite now provides inspectors with a mobile solution for accessing community development activities from the field, and is supported on the most popular mobile platforms including iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and Windows Mobile. Find out more.

Alarm Permits

The Alarm Permits solution tracks alarm permits for fire, burglar or other situations that track information relevant to managing alarm fees, false alarms and notifications. As an option, the Alarm Permit module can be integrated with the Code Enforcement module to track false alarm violations against the Alarm Permit via Code Enforcement cases, and as necessary, assess fines for the false alarm occurrences on a threshold basis that is configurable.


Using the CitySuite Licenses module, you can manage any number of different types of licenses including business or occupational licenses, pet, bicycle and others. License types are user-configurable and are set up to record required parameters such as reviews, inspections, fees and document requirements ensuring compliance with applicable laws, codes and policies. Through the license type you can define the valid fee structures and calculations, the renewal process, and the required inspection process. Before a license can be issued, the fees must be paid and any required inspections or reviews must have been completed in the process. If licenses are not renewed or paid on time, additional penalties can be assessed.

Multiple contacts can be established with each business along with multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses. Each contact can be identified with a specific role they play to the business; such as the property owner, business owner, manager, agent, etc. Roles are configurable so this table can be expanded as different contacts require.

The License module can be integrated with the Permits module when issuing contractor licenses to ensure each contractor holds an active contractor license. If the contractor license is invalid, the permit user is flagged, which prevents certain activities on the permit from continuing until the license is renewed.

Planning and Zoning

Prior to initiating the permitting process, some projects will need to go through a planning process. For this development, the project would go through a development review process during which the plans are approved or rejected. The Planning & Zoning application is designed to track each project through its unique approval process. The project classification configuration can determine the calculated fees, attributes and if desired, the unique, configurable workflow that is created with each project application.

The project tracking uses our event Workflow process to track timelines, tasks and required group reviews. The product automatically routes projects to various reviewing agencies and collects review results required for approval.

A Committee module provides the ability to generate agendas, create committee member notifications, and a record of the minutes. The committee feature is used to create a frequency schedule of the meetings, the agendas, and enable Workflow to auto-schedule projects to a committee meeting using each project’s unique workflow steps. The results of the committee meeting/hearing are stored as part of the project.

Citizen Access for Community Development

“I am really pleased that the Town of Sahuarita and CitySuite were able to implement the online Citizen Access system. It is one more step in our efforts to provide a higher level of service in our community as well as 24/7 access to our permit and zoning case statuses.”

Sarah S. More, FAICP, Building and Planning Director
Town of Sahuarita, AZ

“With CitySuite, our citizens now have access to many features over the Internet. We can support online permit submission, online scheduling and viewing of inspections. Inspectors have access to the system from the field increasing their productivity on a daily basis.”

Charlene Gabor, Community Development Administrative Analyst
for the City and County of Broomfield, CO

CitySuite Citizen Access Community Development enhances productivity by allowing citizens and contractors the ability to submit and manage their applications online which frees up internal staff time previously spent entering the applications and answering calls regarding status. Other features and benefits include the ability to:

  • Access plan review and inspection status, results and comments over the Web
  • Inquire on permits, licenses, planning, and zoning records
  • Look up parcel records by parcel number, property address or owner name to access parcel/address related information
  • Renew licenses and pay renewal fees online
  • Limit fees and applications by user account, if desired
  • Inquire on fees and online payments for all account-related application fees
  • Schedule/reschedule building inspections
  • Find zoning information using address, parcel number, or owner name to determine zoning type
  • Submit/resubmit electronic plan reviews via our E-Plan Check functionality: Submit/resubmit revised drawings and communicate revised submittals to internal staff for review, which allows internal staff to finalize and lock a resubmittal upon acceptance of final drawing. All electronic submittals and revisions are stored as part of the permit record in the Community Development module.