Cloud-based ERP Solutions for the Public Sector

CitySuite in the Cloud Harris ERP Leverages Current Technology to offer Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for the Public Sector. Harris ERP is proud to offer our [...]

CitySuite in the Cloud

Harris ERP Leverages Current Technology to offer Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for the Public Sector.

Harris ERP is proud to offer our customers two brand-new Software as a Service (SaaS) models, Cloud9 and LocalCloud, in addition to our traditional on-premise offerings. Both Harris ERP SaaS models leverage the current technology used to develop our Web-based CitySuite Financials, HR/Payroll, Community Development, Citizen Access, Tax Utility Billing, and Work Management applications and transfer it to the cloud for an ERP solution that is secure and easy to implement.

Our cloud-based ERP solution helps small organizations with limited IT resources take advantage of current technology and a robust suite of applications with lower up-front costs of a traditional ERP system. Not only will you see a quicker return on your software investment but your total cost of ownership will go down.

CitySuite applications are developed in and use what is known today as “cloud computing” technology. Internet delivered business applications provide benefits that cannot be provided by the 1980s vintage client-server computing model. Using your organization’s intranet, access to the entire CitySuite’s suite of software is available using existing Web-based desktop and mobile equipment. By choosing Harris ERP’s hosted public administration software, you’ll receive:

  • Rigorous security with single sign-on support
  • Highlights of private cloud computing benefits
  • Licensing –CitySuite licenses are perpetual for an unlimited number of users
  • Inherent Remote Access – any CitySuite application can be accessed from anywhere with any browser.

Benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Easier administration
  • Automatic updates and patch management
  • Compatibility: All users will have the same version of software
  • Easier collaboration, for the same reason
  • Global accessibility

Cloud9 advantages are many:

  • Cost containment
  • Simplified billing
  • No capital acquisition cost
  • No hardware cost
  • No software upgrades to worry about
  • No client to maintain on your desktop

This includes:

  • Applications pre-installed with our common base configuration in the Harris Data Center
  • Unlimited use of the applications
  • Remote Training
  • Online Help & Configuration Manuals
  • 24/7 support via our Customer Hub
  • Installation of all monthly service packs and all new releases


Harris ERP offers CitySuite applications in a traditional Software as a Service model, called Cloud9. There is no hardware for you to worry about, as everything is hosted in our new, secure data center (or you can select your own data center); you pay no licensing fees, only a “subscription”; and we manage the servers and environment.

How Does Cloud9 Work?

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For those who prefer to keep their data on-premise, we offer CitySuite applications as a managed service behind your own firewall, called LocalCloud. We put the servers into your building and manage the applications remotely. Again, there are no licensing fees, just a service subscription.

How Does LocalCloud Work?

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If you are a smaller organization with limited IT resources, Harris ERP’s cloud computing solution is for you!