Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning CitySuite was created to bring a new generation of software to the local government and utilities markets Our Innoprise Software Suite [...]

Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning

CitySuite was created to bring a new generation of software to the local government and utilities markets

Our Innoprise Software Suite helps you efficiently manage your Sales Tax, Utility Billing, Financial, Payroll, Human Resources, and Community Development processes while providing technologies that support customer self-service through our Citizen Access Portal. If you’re looking for Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning software organically built with leading-edge technology, look no further than Innoprise.

Our open and flexible approach allows our software components to integrate with existing systems and operate seamlessly within the enterprise of our municipal customers. While many local government and utility agencies engage us to replace entire legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, others use our services to augment their existing systems with just one or more modules. Regardless of the strategy, we are committed to providing the solution that best supports the objectives of public sector organizations.

“When we found out that we had to change our software to allow us to stay up with our state laws that were changing, we wanted to go with a company that had excellent support service. We wanted to go with a software that was proven and performed perfect and was user friendly. We wanted a software that was affordable…There was only one that gave us everything that we were looking for…CitySuite.”

Gary Rice, Application Specialist
Benton County, AR

Benefits of CitySuite Software

  • Reduce learning curve with an intuitive interface. Users can tailor the main screen layout using the “Favorites” bar and configure columns to display desired information. The system offers drill down analysis features, the ability to “jump to” another area of the system and live links to provide users direct access to desired system areas regardless of the number of degrees of separation.
  • Increase productivity with workflow integration. We’ve integrated workflow, bringing smart applications into the Innoprise Suite of software to improve departmental productivity. Users configure rules and associated actions to setup the workflow engine to automate business processes such as billing, cash receipting, collections and other business processes.
  • Minimize support calls. Your customers can review account status and pay bills online. Internet ability for building inspection status, inquiry, scheduling and rescheduling provides customers 24/7 access. Customers can obtain Utility Billing account information online, including ability to view any consolidated account, view and print statements, view consumption history and payment history.
  • Turn “system data” into useful information. System data is easy to gather, view on the screen, print or export it to Excel®. Data is selected by the column names. Simple or complex queries can be run without the user knowing any file format or table layout. Once records have been found they can be extracted into Excel or used to produce PDF or HTML reports. The queries can also be saved for future use.
  • Leverage existing user skills. Seamless office integration throughout all modules increases system acceptance. Microsoft Office products are used for merging letters, creating notification and follow up letters. Letters are created on-demand within the system and facilitated through the workflow engine. Users can send bills via email and easily export data to Microsoft Excel®, Word®, or PDF files. The familiarity with Office products results in a more positive user experience.
  • Minimal technology investment. A Web browser is used to access all applications, eliminating costly hardware and software upgrades. Customers are not required to procure costly new hardware as the system supports an open platform with Windows®, Linux®, UNIX® for server platform and virtually any current release of commercially available relational database management systems.

CitySuite in the Cloud

Because the Innoprise applications’ underlying technologies supports Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA), we are able to offer the CitySuite modules in two models.

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